Thursday, January 10, 2013

Confessions of a Bookworm

     It's always a good day when a box of books arrives in the mail.  Today I got a lovely box of books from Powells.  It was only a small box this time, mostly because I haven't read the last books I bought from Powells.  At least, not yet.  Buying books is my addiction.  Just call me a bookaholic.  
     It all started in elementary school with book orders.  Remember those? We didn't just have Scholastic book orders when I was in school; we had Arrow and Troll, too.  Three thin booklets for me to take home and pore over, circling every book I wanted, then negotiating with my parents over how many I could actually buy.
     And when they finally came?  Nothing beat the excitement of book-order day!  My teacher would stack small piles of books all over her desk and then call us up one by one to collect them.  I remember hugging my new books all the way home, eager and impatient to start reading them. 
     I still have some of those book-order books.  And today, I have new books to add to them.  Any day that includes a new book (or two) for your bookshelves is a good day.  
Happy Reading!


  1. I miss book orders! Went to the library today and brought home a whole is almost as good.

  2. I loved book order days- almost like Christmas!

  3. 'Any day that includes a new book (or two) for your bookshelves is a good day.'
    Those are the best days!