Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here's to Hitchcock!

A few summers ago I decided I was going to watch at least one Hitchcock movie each week--some were definitely better than others. Some I didn't like at all. But by the end of that summer I'd gained an appreciation, and admiration, for Hitchcock and his films that has never gone away. (And I love the movie, Hitchcock, too! Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are amazing!)

What I admire most about Hitchcock is that he invested so much of himself in his films: when the studios didn't want to finance Psycho, Hitchcock mortgaged his own home to raise the money himself. He even bought up every copy of the book so that no one could reveal the surprise ending before the movie came out. And long before there was Facebook or Twitter, Hitchcock knew how to create a buzz about his films. Eccentric? YES. But also a genius when it came to making unforgettable films. If you've never watched any of his movies, check some out. They just might surprise you. Here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Strangers on a Train
  2. The Birds
  3. Shadow of a Doubt
  4. Rear Window
  5. Dial M for Murder
You can also check out Stephen Rebello's fascinating book:


  1. I finally saw Strangers on a Train and the Birds! Now I am actually in the mood to try other Hitchcock films. And I loved the movie, "Hitchcock". Like my TBR list, I need to make a TBW (to be watched) list. Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to see more of the work of this eccentric film genius!

  2. There is a reason that everyone who directs a thriller wants to be compared to Hitchcock. I think he was the best and most innovative director of his generation.