Thursday, October 3, 2013

20 Random Bookish Things About Me (Part II)...

11. Booklists are some of my favorite things--lists of books I want to read, books I want to buy, favorite authors, etc.

12. At lunchtime, I don't read while I eat; I eat while I read. After all, it's not the food that's important--it's the book!

13. As much as I love imaginary men (like Mr. Darcy, Adam Hauptman, Sebastian St. Cyr, etc.), I still like real men best.

14. I've always wanted to be a writer.

15. You know Hay-on-Wye, that town in Wales full of bookstores? I really want to go there someday.

16. I hate loaning out my books. (Because too many people don't return them!)

17. I think Ernest Hemingway is overrated.

18. I am never going to read War and Peace. (Sorry to all you Tolstoy fans.)

19. "Happily ever after" will always be the best way to end a story.

20. There are no better words in my opinion than "Once upon a time..."


  1. I am never reading War and Peace either!

    1. Right? It's just too long...with too many characters...all with hard-to-remember Russian names...whew! Just thinking about it makes me tired.

  2. Now I want to go to Hay-on-Wye, too! I had never heard of it. I also hate loaning books. They either don't come back, or they come back damaged. And since I am a re-reader, I am very particular about keeping my books in good shape. I cringe every time someone cranks back a spine! Great post...I like your list.

  3. Okay, never say never...I'll bet you actually do read W&P someday! :)

    I had not known about Hay-on-Wye--must do internet search and see how feasible it is to visit.

    I never used to do book lists, not until I started blogging. Now I'm addicted to them. They are a tool, a wish list, and a way of thinking about certain books.

    Thanks for sharing--I enjoyed this post.

    1. I appreciate that! Thanks for stopping by; I always enjoy reading your comments.