Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook...

Lighthearted? Yes. Predictable? Yes.
Still worth reading? Definitely.

While her two best friends, Sal and Tom, are pragmatic and cynical, Kate Hetherington is a confirmed hopeless romantic. Even though she's nearing 30 and hasn't met the right guy yet, Kate is still looking for her knight in shining armor, Mr. Perfect, the love of her life. And The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook--which she purchased online for just 7 pounds--is going to help her with her quest.

As a single girl myself, I related to Kate, not only in her struggles to find love, but with her career challenges as well. Kate is funny, optimistic, and someone I wouldn't mind being friends with. I liked her friends, Sal and Tom, too. The advice Kate gets from The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook is peppered throughout the novel. Some of it made me smile; some of it made me wonder if I should give it a try. Here's my favorite:
"Remember that if you only stick to what you know, then what you know now is all that you will ever have. And unless your romantic dreams have already come true, what you know now is unlikely to ever be enough."
Gemma Townley found the right mix of humor and romance with this novel. I liked the London setting, and the happy ending. In fact, this book reminded me of my favorite Katie Fforde novels. I can't wait to read her again. So, if you're looking for a happily-ever-after bookish romance that will make you smile, give The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook a try!


  1. Hooray for a fun read! It's nice to read a story about people you could imagine meeting and befriending in real life. :)

    1. Isn't it? Nothing's better in a book than characters you love and wouldn't mind hanging out with.

  2. Great quote from the book! I liked several of Katie Fforde's, so I should give this one a try.