Monday, May 26, 2014

Once upon a summer...

Memorial Day always signals the start of summer for me, even though it's technically still spring, and school isn't out yet, and summer vacation hasn't officially begun. Today just feels like summer. Which has me thinking about what I want to do (and read!) this many delicious possibilities....

With no money in the bank for an exotic vacation or far-flung adventure this summer, I'll be staying closer to home. But that's okay. Utah has a lot of beautiful hiking trails and I can't wait to put some miles on my new hiking shoes. (Lake Blanche here I come!) I think it'd be fun to do some zip-lining this summer, and I also hope to spot a few more new birds when I'm out bird watching, maybe even an owl, or a turkey vulture, or a woodpecker, or two.

And my summer reading plans? I'm not sure yet. I have a list of book titles gleaned from my favorite bookish blogs over the last year that I really want to read--a list that seems to grow longer each day. Then there's that stack of books sitting on my shelf, some that I've had for years and years, just waiting to be read. And I kind of want to check out Game of Thrones and Tana French's latest book, as well as a couple of non-fiction books about 1914 and the start of World War I. So many books...I'm not sure which to choose first. But it's a nice problem to have.

What about you?  Got any fun summer plans?
I hope so!
Happy Summering!

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  1. Zipline is on my list for summer! I also think I am going to get food at a food truck. Birding and hiking (if I get new hiking shoes), and starting to run again are also on my list. And I saw instructions on making homemade slurpees that looks good for a really hot day. Oh, and did I mention I want to READ? Happy Summer!