Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating Vincent Van Gogh

"You can't be at the pole and the equator at the same time.
You must choose your own line..."
--Vincent Van Gogh

Field of Poppies

       On Van Gogh's 160th birthday, it is fitting to remember and celebrate his artistic genius.  No one painted like Vincent!  As stunning as his paintings are in books and postcards and prints, nothing beats seeing them in person.  If you're ever in Amsterdam, take a day to visit the Vincent Van Gogh Museum; that's where I first fell in love with his talent and vision.  And there are rooms in the Musee D'Orsay with such amazing examples of his work it will bring tears to your eyes.  It did mine.  So, here's to one of my favorite artists!

Happy Birthday, Vincent!

Wheatfield with Cypresses


  1. He is one of my all time favorites too. When I had a chance to do an old master copy instead of a report in a college Art History course, I chose Vincent's Yellow Chair. I think I learned way more than I would have by writing a report and the professor said she had never seen a more finely crafted master copy. My appreciation of his style and method only increased. I love Van Gogh.

  2. Love these, my favourite though is Starry Night, it just pulls me in. Such much to see in all his paintings, I could never tire of looking.
    Didn't know it was his 160th birthday!

  3. Love these pictures! Seeing Van Gogh paintings in person made me appreciate his art...and those thick globs of paint. Happy birthday Vincent!