Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Lists and Books...

"I was born with a reading list I will never finish."
--Maud Casey

     I counted up my TBR books today -- all those books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read.  So far, they total 29.  (Which was actually a lower number than I thought it would be!)  They make up my first reading list.
     Then there's all the books I've heard about, or read about, or seen at the book store or online, that I've written down and want to read.  This list is considerably longer than 29...and, sadly, growing daily.
     My last list consists of the books that I've read and love and want to read again.  It's a smaller list than the first two, but just as important.  The complication comes in trying to decide what to read first -- which book from which list.  Does anyone else have this problem?
     It's tricky, sometimes, finding the right mix of old and new; the right book at the right time.  It can be a real bookish juggling act.  But it's not a bad problem to have.  And while I know I'll never be able to read all the books on all my lists, I'm sure going to have fun trying.

Happy Reading!


  1. That is why I buy art books. I can enjoy all the gorgeous pictures and then not feel quite as bad if I don't get around to reading the text right away. I still have "visually read" them.

  2. So many books, I agree it's hard to juggle. Not the worst problem in the world though! I love knowing I have a good stack just waiting for me.

  3. Still haven't figured this one out! Sigh. Sometimes I "make" myself tackle a book on one list, while reading a book from another list. I am not sure that is the best way to balance, but it works occasionally!