Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sister by Rosamund Lupton

"Before you died, the adjectives about my life were second league:  stressful, upsetting, distressing; at the worst, deeply sad.  Now I have the big gun words--harrowing, traumatic, devastating--as part of my thesaurus of self," writes Beatrice in the novel Sister by Rosamund Lupton.  When Beatrice's younger sister, Tess, goes missing days after giving birth to a stillborn baby boy, Beatrice flies back to London to look for her, but she is too late.  The police discover Tess's body in Hyde Park and rule her death a suicide.  Only Beatrice is sure that Tess could never kill herself; that she was, in fact, murdered.  No one else believes her, not the police, not her mother, not even Tess's closest friends.  But Beatrice refuses to stop looking for her sister's killer, determined to discover the truth, even if it kills her.  And it just might.                                     
        Beatrice narrates the story as if she is writing a letter to her sister, making Tess an integral part of the story, even though she is dead.  Lupton is a lyrical writer who does a masterful job of moving the story forward while building suspense until the very end--an ending that will definitely surprise you.  I couldn't put this book down!

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  1. Just checked this book out of the library and am excited to read it. Thanks for a great review!