Reading the Alphabet

I've decided to read my way through the alphabet, starting with the last fiction shelf at the library and all those authors whose names start with Z, and working my way back to A. Why? I want to explore the library shelves again; I want to get away from To Read lists and books on hold and rediscover the serendipity of stumbling upon a great read from an author I never even knew existed. Plus, it sounds like fun. And though I could probably do it in a year, I want to take my time, linger on a letter when the books look good, move on when they don't. I don't want it to feel like an assignment or a chore. And I really don't want to stress about getting the next letter of the alphabet read in order to meet some imaginary blogging deadline.  I just want to have fun and read whatever and wherever the bookish spirits move me....and hopefully stumble upon some serendipitous finds along the way.  Feel free to join in, and be sure to let me know your favorite alphabetical reads!

From the Z Shelf:  Zeltserman (Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein)*
 From the Y Shelf: Yoon (Snow Hunters)*      
                             Young (My Enemy's Cradle)
From the X Shelf: Xi (Notes on the Mosquito)
From the W Shelf: Willett (The Writing Class)
                            Watson (Before I Go To Sleep)
From the V Shelf: VanLiere (The Good Dream)*
From the U Shelf: Umrigar (The Story Hour)
From the T Shelf: Tanner (Vaclav & Lena)*
From the S Shelf: Schmitt (Three Women in a Mirror)
                            Salerni (The Caged Graves)*
From the R Shelf: Robotham (Say You're Sorry)*
Ratner (In the Shadow of the Banyan)*
From the Q Shelf: Quinn (The Last Aloha)
From the P Shelf:  Pamuk (The New Life)
From the O Shelf:  Olson (Hidden)
Olshan (Marshlands)*
From the N Shelf:  Norwich (My Mrs. Brown)*
From the M Shelf:  Majmudar (Partitions)*
McHugh (Arrowood)* .
From the L Shelf:  Lehane (Murder at the 42nd Street Library)*.
Laukkanen (The Watcher in the Wall)
From the K Shelf:  Kahler (The Immortal Circus)
Kennedy (The Mark of the Tala)
From the J Shelf:  Jones (Second Grave on the Right)
Jacka (Fated)*
From the I Shelf:  Iweala (Beasts Of No Nation)
From the H Shelf:  Hedlund (With You Always)*
From the G Shelf:  Griep (Letters to Zell)
From the F Shelf:  French (Blue Monday)
From the E Shelf:  Elkins (A Long Time Coming)*
From the D Shelf:  Divarkaruni (One Amazing Thing)
From the C Shelf:  Cleave (The Laughterhouse)*
From the B Shelf:  Blackwell (Hexes and Hemlines)
From the A Shelf: Anderson (Minor Adjustments).

(The novels above marked with a red * are my favorites.)


  1. How cool--I love this idea. Maybe I will have to borrow it, if you don't mind?

    1. Go for it! I'd love to know your bookish alphabetical finds. Plus, it's a lot of fun. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's been a lot of fun, and I've discovered a lot of new authors and new books. :D