Monday, February 25, 2013

Precinct 13 by Tate Hallaway

Necromancers, Dragons, and Zombies, oh my!

      Alexandra Connor wins the job of Pierre, South Dakota's new coroner on a dare.  Three weeks into her new job, a corpse she's performing an autopsy on gets up off the table and walks out.  Now she's got a cursed snake tattoo on her arm and a missing corpse to find.  Luckily, she has the help of Precinct 13 -- a team of police detectives with a distinct flair for magic.  It seems that Alex is a witch...but one without a real understanding of just what her magical powers are or how to control them.  (Spontaneous Improbable Magic says it all.)  But Alex better hope she can figure it out and solve the case before more unnatural magic starts erupting all over town.
      I really enjoyed this book.  Not only was it fast-paced, but it made me laugh.  And there were a lot of likeable characters-Alex's significant other, Valentine, quickly became one of my favorites.  This was a fun read.  I hope Tate Hallaway writes another book about Alex and the members of Precinct 13.


  1. Adding another book to my "to read" list! There was a snake tattoo in Blackwood as well. Is this a new trend? Thanks for this with some laughs along the way sound like what I need.

  2. OK, this looks like fun! I'm definitely down for relatively light, humorous urban fantasy.

    1. It's the best book! And so much fun. I loved it.