Monday, December 9, 2013

Some bookish gift ideas...

All I really want for Christmas is a huge stack of books and a Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, no one in my family can afford to buy me a Mini Cooper and, sadly, no one seems very excited about buying me any more books. So, I came up with a few fun bookish gift alternatives:

 Out of Print Clothing offers a variety of bookish gifts from tee shirts to note cards to jewelry. The only hard part is deciding which one to choose. (I'm partial to the tee shirts sporting favorite children's books on them, but they also offer a lot of classic novel tees as well.)

The Reading Woman 2014 calendar is an amazing wall calendar that offers twelve months of bookish art, and some great quotes, too. I've been a fan of this calendar for a couple of years now. There is also a Reading Woman weekly engagement calendar/diary if you prefer.

Pride and Prejudice the Board Game!!!
I actually got this for my birthday this year and I absolutely love it. This is a must for any Jane Austen fan. It's so much fun to play. (Just try to avoid being Lydia and Wickham because they never seem to win.) This game is available from The Ash Grove Press, Inc. They also have A Christmas Carol board game, too.

These are all great bookish gifts; and while I wouldn't mind getting any one of them, I'm still secretly hoping for a stack of books to unwrap on Christmas morning. How about you? What are you hoping for this Christmas?


  1. When I make my Christmas is mostly books! I always like to get them! Love the Pride and Prejudice game, and the calendar and t-shirt shop look great, too. Wonderful ideas...thanks for posting.

    1. I hope you get all the books you're asking for this year!

  2. I love Out of Print. I got a gift card for my birthday, so I got three shirts - Wizard of Oz, A Wrinkle in Time, and the Great Gatsby. They are super comfy too!

    I hope you find books and bookish things under your tree this Christmas. :)

    1. Thanks! I wish the same for you. (And I'm completely jealous that you have a Wizard of Oz tee.) Merry Christmas!