Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reading Bingo Update...

I'm halfway to Book Bingo Blackout. Here's the bingo card courtesy of the Unruly Reader:

And here are the squares I've filled so far:

  • 300 Pages or Fewer: Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith
  • Published in the 70s: Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym
  • Book Cited in a Story: The Castle of Wolfenbach by Eliza Parsons
  • Cover Attraction: Stoker's Manuscript by Royce Prouty
  • War: Istanbul Intrigues by Barry Rubin
  • Found Online: When She Was Gone by Gwendolyn Gross
  • Graphic Novel: This One Summer by Jillian & Mariko Tamaki (which I didn't like and do not recommend!)
  • Magical Realism: Girl On A Wire by Gwenda Bond (which I really liked and DO recommend)
  • Recommended Book: Longbourn by Jo Baker
  • Suspense: The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton
  • Another Culture: Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani
  • Unsettling: Deviant: The Shocking True Story of the Original Psycho by Harold Schechter
  • Writing: The Shelf: From LEQ to LES by Phyllis Rose

Of the squares I have left to fill, I'm most worried about finding a Banned book and a Cult Classic that I actually want to read. (Any suggestions?) Celebrity worries me a little bit, too. The other categories should be fairly easy.  ...  I hope. It's not too late to print out a card and start reading for your own bookish bingo. It's a lot of fun!

Happy Reading!


  1. Lark, you are *rockin'* the Book Bingo! Wow!!

    Some ideas for the topics you mentioned...

    For Cult Classic, I read "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline. It's recent, but its following is intense. (understandably so -- it's a great book)

    For Banned, I Googled and looked at lots of lists of banned/challenged books, and I ended up listening to (and loving) "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer.

    I hope the second half of the bingo card is as fun as the first!

    1. I've read both Ready Player One and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close...just not this year. :( But you're right, they are both excellent reads. Hopefully I can find some other books just as good. Thanks for coming up with such an awesome bingo card. It's been a lot of fun. :)