Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Read this!

Title: Five by Ursula Archer
First Line: The place where his left ear used to be was throbbing to the rhythm of his heartbeat.
Genre: Psychological thriller
Setting: Salzburg, Austria

My thoughts: It's the murderer who drives this mystery, geocaching tantalizing clues to direct the police, especially detective Beatrice Kaspary, to the next victim. An incident from her past connects Beatrice to the killer, at least in his mind; now she must find a connection between the victims before more people die. But the clues the killer leaves are not easy to figure out, and Beatrice feels like she's always one step behind.

Reading this book is like watching a suspenseful game of chess between the detectives and the killer, where the uncertainty and importance of each of their next moves keeps you turning the pages far into the night. But Archer also develops her main characters so well that I was completely caught up in their personal lives and interested in their past histories. It's a good mix. And the killer was very unexpected. I love it when I find an author I haven't read before who ends up delivering such a riveting read; this book is an original and suspenseful mystery, and one that I liked a lot.

Happy Reading!


  1. This was offered on NetGalley, and I missed it! I have added it to my wish list, though.

    1. That's too bad that you missed it. I thought this was a really good mystery and Archer is an author I would definitely read again.