Monday, October 5, 2015

Bookish first impressions...

Here are a few first lines from some books that I recently read and enjoyed, but didn't review; see if any of them make you want to read more.

First Line: Libby Deaton and May Harper invented Princess X in fifth grade, when Libby's leg was in a cast, and May had a doctor's note saying she couldn't run around the track anymore because her asthma would totally kill her. 
Title: I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest
(Fun YA novel that's part mystery, part comic-book, superhero adventure.)

First Line: "Blast it all!" Crispin Handle, Lord Cavratt, did not generally resort to muttering under his breath, but an exasperating female could push even the most levelheaded gentleman to extremes.
Title: The Kiss of a Stranger by Sarah M. Eden
(Delightfully funny Regency romance; I loved it!)

First Line: On the boat we were mostly virgins.
Title: The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka
(An interesting novel about Japanese "picture brides" told in the collective voice.)

First Line: Of the first few hauntings I investigated with Lockwood & Co. I intend to say little, in part to protect the identity of the victims, in part because of the gruesome nature of the incidents, but mainly because, in a variety of ingenious ways, we succeeded in messing them all up. 
Title: Lockwood & Co. : The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud
(Set in London, this award-winning YA novel has psychics, ghosts, and lots of adventure.)

Happy Reading!

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  1. The first lines are wonderful, and all of the books sound good! Thanks!