Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bookish Envy

When I saw these two rooms with their lovely, tall, built-in bookshelves, I was filled with sudden longing for a beautiful home library of my own.  I have several book cases in my home, but none as nice as these.

Normally, I am not a jealous person.  I can live without granite countertops, could care less about stainless steel appliances or big screen televisions.  But I have to admit, rooms with built-in bookshelves fill me with envy.  Bookshelf envy.  I mean, just think of all the books that would fit on all those shelves!  I could go book shopping and still have room left to grow.

What girl could ask for more?


  1. OOh, nice. I wish a whole wall of my studio looked like that.

  2. Love it, books make a house so homey! I do have wall to floor bookshelves on a wall in our spare bedroom. It's my little blot hole :-)

  3. Sigh...I always wanted a home library. I love the rooms you light and airy and inviting looking. I have bookshelves scattered throughout the house, but one cozy, inviting space devoted to books and reading would be heavenly!

  4. I love the second one especially -- the curtain to draw across the alcove is gorgeous, and quite brilliant since it is quite a sunny spot! I have many books and bookshelves but not so attractively arranged.