Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

"What if, what if, what if...What if we knew what tomorrow
would bring?  Would we fix it?  Could we?"

Like a topple of dominoes, Tamara Goodwin's happy life has crashed to the ground.  Her father committed suicide, leaving behind a mountain of debt.  Her mother now seems lost in a fog of grief.  The bank repossesses their house.  With no money, Tamara and her mother are forced to leave Dublin and move in with Tamara's strange Uncle Arthur and even stranger Aunt Rosaleen.

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no car and no friends, there's not much for Tamara to do.  But then she meets Sister Ignatius, keeper of bees and secrets; Weseley, the cute boy-next-door type; and Marcus, the charming driver of the local bookmobile.  It's in this "Travelling Library" that Tamara finds an old leather bound diary.  And it doesn't take her long to realize that this diary is special ... maybe even magic.

"That night I sat staring at the diary for hours.  I kept it open on my lap, waiting for the words to arrive ... when I woke up at one A.M., the diary was still open on my lap, every single line filled in my handwriting.  Gone was yesterday's forecast and in its place was another entry, a different entry for tomorrow."

With the help of the diary Tamara can now change her future, but should she?

I've never read Cecelia Ahern before but I'm really glad I stumbled across this book at the library.  Her plot is tightly woven and character-driven.  Tamara's grief and anger at her father's death is completely believable, as is her curiosity in the face of her aunt's strange (and increasingly creepy) behavior.  I will definitely be reading Cecelia Ahern again!


  1. I find CA a bit hit and miss. This one was a hit for me too though, its quirky and unique.

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  2. I have never read this author. Sounds like this one was a winner, though!