Monday, September 30, 2013

20 Random Bookish Things About Me... (Part I)

1. When people ask me what I'm reading I'm never sure whether I should tell them about the book I just finished, the one I'm in the middle of, or the book I'm planning on reading next, because ... 

2. I don't like being defined by just one book.

3. I like to read a book first, before I see Hollywood's version of it.

4. Rightly or wrongly, I tend to judge people by the books they read.

5. I still reread my favorite books from childhood.

6. Someone saying, "You have to read this book!" sometimes makes me not want to read it. (Redheads can be stubborn.)

7. I keep checking out zombie books from the library, even though most of them end up being disappointingly unreadable. (Exceptions: Warm Bodies and World War Z)

8. I'm a sucker for romantic endings ...

9. ...but I don't like written-to-an-outline, been-there, read-that formulaic romance novels.

10. I miss stand-alone novels. (Trilogies are overrated!)

To be continued in my next post...


  1. Well, I resonate with most of your comments...except the zombie one. I haven't even tried the P&P&Z mashup. I rarely read books when they are new--sometimes I read a best seller, but usually long after it's been on the list.

    1. I haven't tried the Pride & Prejudice & Zombie book either; that one I just couldn't do. :)

  2. It is so tricky when someone asks! I tend to read some non-fiction books about difficult subjects, and it is hard to tell an acquaintance that I am reading a book about genocide in Rwanda, or that I am re-reading "Little Town on the Prairie". But to address the first item on your list...just pick the best one!

  3. I love rereading childhood favorites. Anne of Green Gables is usually my go-to comfort read!