Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A book by definition...

book -- n. a printed work of some length on consecutive
sheets of paper bound together in a volume.

But the dictionary definition misses the point; I mean, books are so much more than print on paper. For one thing, books transport you to faraway places and long ago times. They offer a welcome, if temporary, escape from the vicissitudes of life. Plus, they're full of extraordinary and memorable characters. And in the stories they tell, books can evoke everyone emotion under the sun. That's why I love them.

Here are a few more things about books that the dictionary forgot to mention:
  1. Portability! You can slip a book into your backpack or purse, even into a coat pocket, and take it with you everywhere (even through airport security).
  2. Books don't require batteries, and they never run down or need to be recharged.
  3. They don't expire. (And they never need upgrading.)
  4. Unlike computers, books are virus-free, no matter how many new pages you open up.
  5. Books are food for your brain.
The only downside to owning a lot of books? They're a pain to pack up and move. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Books with pages and e-books without them are all books to me. I love them both! But e-books don't require a place to put them. I have books with pages stacked in piles, stuffed in drawers, and of course, on shelves both at our camp and here at home. No matter that I give them away and donate them, the darn things multiply. Most of what I read will never call to me again. Only nonfiction and my very favorite books deserve a place on my shelves where I can get to them. They are treasures; the rest are bon bons that satisfy my cravings at a particular time, but need not be re-visited.

    But reading? Oh, I must have some kind of book available at all times!

    1. LOL. Books do tend to multiply, don't they? There are definitely too many books in the world to try and keep all the ones you've read; I'm with you about only giving shelf space to books you LOVE and books you know you'll want to read again. (Easier said than done, huh?)

  2. I still love printed books. Always will.