Friday, June 5, 2015

The best of the beach reads...

"However you painted the picture, I was still forty-one and single and, though I'd managed a life full of adventure, I hadn't quite found myself yet. ... My new plan was to transition to the more fulfilling life of an artist. At the moment I made sea glass earrings..."

But Ginger's sea glass earrings don't pay the rent yet, which is why she's living in her parents' FROG (Finished Room Over Garage), back in Marshbury, Massachusetts. She has a cat named Boyfriend, and a sort-of boyfriend named Noah. And she has no idea what she wants out of life. But everyone in her family seems to think it's time she grew up.

Life's A Beach by Claire Cook is funny, engaging, and by far my favorite beach read of the summer. Ginger's relationship with her bossy older sister made me laugh, and I loved her precocious 8-year-old nephew, Riley, who loves to tell dumb shark jokes, and who's just landed a part in Shark Sense, a movie being filmed right there in Marshbury. And guess who lands the part of his guardian-on-set. Ginger!

Compared to all those other beach reads, this light-hearted 250-page book was a breath of fresh air, full of humor and hope. It proves that, even over forty, one's dreams can still come true; and that "Passion is the key to everyone's gifts."

Happy Reading!

The beach read runners-up:
     Beach Colors by Shelley Noble
     Ocean Beach by Wendy Wax


  1. I like the premise of being a "guardian-on-set" of precocious eight-year-old!

    1. Sounds fun, huh? (The book was a lot of fun to read, too.)

  2. Oh this one sounds like the kind of beach read I am looking for! I have read a couple other books by this author and like them, so thanks for pointing this one out!

  3. Replies
    1. It is! Not sloppy or sentimental, just a lot of fun.