Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Girl 4

         The first three girls took a lot of planning, but even with my letters, my clues, the tip-offs, only one detective seemed concerned. But they'll start to take me seriously after Girl 4; they won't have a choice.
         So I write another letter. I give them the chance to stop me before it happens.
         How long will it take them to piece everything together? I give them everything they'll need apart from the name.
         Girl 4.
         She changes everything.

 So begins a cat-and-mouse game between Detective Inspector January David and an elusive serial killer. The pieces of this chilling psychological thriller come together in a masterful puzzle of mystery and suspense. I really liked the way Will Carver weaves together his different narrative voices. And it reads fast! January David is a complicated character:  he's imperfect, drinks too much, and has visions, but he's completely dedicated to his job and solving these horrific crimes, even as the serial killer continually stays two steps ahead of him. I liked him. Be warned, though, this novel is dark and parts of it are a little graphic. But it's still a good read and there's a twist at the end I did not expect. (Which makes it a good choice for my "Twisted" Reading Bingo square.) All in all, I'd read Carver again, especially with D.I. January David as the main character.

Happy Reading!

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  1. :) This one sounds suspenseful, and I like psychological thrillers!

    1. Then I think you'd like this one because it is both.

  2. Oooo! This sounds so good! Thanks for the heads up! I've totally been into mystery/suspense books lately.

    1. Then this will be right up your alley. And Carver has written a second book that sounds just as good, which makes me happy because I like a good psychological thriller, too. :)